Master Funnel Strategy Plan


We have multiple product offers that are not being seen by our subscribers and therefore we’re not selling them/enough. We currently have separate funnels for each product. This is massively time consuming to build and an even bigger challenge to manage and track. It also means that we’re paying for subscribers 2 or 3 times over as we’re using FB ads to get them to opt in to a new lead magnet every time we want to send them down an offer funnel.


To create one primary email sales system that brings together all our lead magnets and offers into a manageable process that is scalable ie additional LMs and offers can be added and plugged into the one main system. Also need a system that paid traffic and organic traffic can feed.


All primary lead magnets and content upgrades filter into one main ‘master’ email sequence.

The master email sequence will eventually cover 6 months. Subscribers will consistently receive a strategic mix of content and offer emails. They will have the opportunity to ‘raise their hand’ when one or more of our offer peaks their interest.

Analogy – The master email sequence is like the M1 motorway. As the subscribers drives up the motorway they are presented with offer junctions that lead to A roads. At the end of the A roads they can purchase products.



It was chosen to use 3-levels design.

T1 “Router Automation”

Main goal of this automation just to route customers between all automations and track them during all roads.

T2 Controller

Goal of this kind of automations is to start functional automations and control goal achievement. So if goal was achieved earlier- we skip functional automation – to avoid send again the same campaign.

T3 Functional Automation

These are automations that actually send emails, apply tags etc

SA: Service Automations

This type of automation add tags when special event happen – fe whenever someone clicks on special link in email or visits page (raised hand) – automations adds “interest tag” which trigger then special automation (campaign) on this topic.

Tag Design